Changes to the holiday bonuses

TO: All Muscle Galore Employees
FROM: Manager Mr. Scott Smith
DATE: 11/05/2012
RE: Changes to the holiday bonuses due the slow economy

First of all I want to thank you all for your daily work, which makes this company so special and outstanding in this highly competitive sector of fitness equipment. We had continuously growth during the last seven years and ended every year with a profit, which allowed us to pay holiday bonuses for the last five years. To our management it was self-evident to grant generous bonuses to our workforce and show them also financially our appreciation for them.

Unfortunately the sales declined about 15 percent due to the economy crisis in 2008 and the following slow economy. This brought us, the management of Muscle Galore, to the difficult decision to suspend the holiday bonuses for this year. Our projections show a recover of the economy for the next year, which should be noticeable in a increase of sales of about 20%.

We look forward to end this year satisfying and start motivated in a new business year.


Scott Smith

Your Ticket Inquiry

Hello beloved inquirer,

first of all thank you for your interest in participating the Sherry Show an outstanding morning show during the weekdays, which has been awarded for many times. In order to get some tickets you should consider the following points.

Our seats during the Sherry Show are unfortunately very limited to 150 seats, this makes it necessary to write your request at least 4 months in advance. Also we just can give 4 tickets to each person requesting tickets for the show.

Furthermore you have to consider that if you get your tickets, you will need to follow the instructions below:

– The show is taped from 9:30 until 11:00 am
– Every seat not occupied by 9 am will be released again
– The studio doors will be closed at 9:15 am and do not reopen until the show is over
– Children under the age of 12 are not admitted

Despite the restrictions we really appreciate your request, because we believe our success is based on the daily audience with its contribution through questions and comments on the show.

Please do not reply on this message due it is computer-generated, but a human being will contact you the next few days and send you a message with further information and the dates you will receive the tickets for.

Mid-level manager for Brazil

Dear Mr. BOSS,

I was reflecting on the recent interview for the new assignment of setting up a new distribution network in Brazil. Both applicants O.J. Drew as well as Wendy Janish had the qualifications to meet our requirements for this position. As the bystander for the interview and your consulting staff I would like to present you my assessment.

I was thinking about the best choice for this sophisticated assignment, which can be a big economic opportunity for our company in the future of a emerging market like Brazil.

I would hire Wendy Janish, because she is more familiar with the needed field of work. She already achieved a mid-level position in this company and has a background in sales and marketing, which will be a important part in building a new branch. She established a lot of new business relationships for Urban Systems in a widely male dominated industry sector and is well appreciated by our customers and suppliers.

The major point why she should be hired is that she is already fluent in Portuguese. As soon as she is hired and arrives in Brazil she will be able to start immediately to build a network.

Streamlining processes

Dear Mr. BOSS,

I recently had some troubles coordinating and delegating the assingnment of moving boxes to the new office, because of unclear responsibilities and a temporary worker, who was involved.

Regarding to this issue I want to contribute some ideas how to improve the processes. It would be a great improvement to set up a organigram for each department to make responsibilities clear to everyone.

Furthermore it would be much easier if the purchasing department would manage the office material.
To keep temporary workers informed it would be good to have general department e-mail addresses to inform them.

Please let me know if you want to meet and talk about some of these ideas in detail.

best regards